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I'm ready to sign up! Where do I start?

The best place to start when deciding to pursue an internship is with your academic advisor. Your advisor will be able to help you decide when you are ready to do an internship and when you will be able to fit it into your class schedule. Just because you may not be getting paid for your work as an intern, you must take your position as seriously as you would a full-time, paying job. Make sure you choose to do an internship at a time where you and your employer can most benefit from the experience.

Why should I intern?

Don't find yourself behind the curve when graduation comes. Most job openings these days require some level of experience. Internships are a great way gain valuable experience and get connected to the community. With more than 5,000 businesses in the Metro Valdosta area, you are sure to find an internship opportunity that suites your needs.

» Internships provide students with the knowledge and skills that are essential in the workplace

» Learn from established professionals in your particular field of study

» Networking and building confidence in a professional environment prior to graduation

» On the national average, more than 20% of recent hires came from an employer’s internship program

» In today’s competitive market, internships provide you with an opportunity to stand by gaining on-site experience and strengthen your resume